Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use SendWallet?

SendWallet (which used to be POKT Wallet) is a small but powerful browser extension that makes it easy to access your $POKT. Send and receive $POKT while you browse without having to log in to a separate page.
In addition to a secure Recovery Phrase, your wallet is protected by a password. Everything is generated on your device, so don't worry -- only you have access to your accounts and data.

Who is SendWallet?

SendWallet is a small team of people from all around the world who came together for one reason -- to build a better product. From experienced developers to customer service specialists, our team works around the clock to develop SendWallet with the best user experience in mind.
IMPORTANT: SendWallet team will NEVER ask for your Recovery Phrase or your private key. Do not share with anyone unless you want to give them access to your wallet.

How do I import my original Pocket Network Wallet into SendWallet?

You can add your original Pocket Network Wallet to SendWallet using your json keyfile. Please see 'Using Keyfile' in 'Tutorials' section for instructions.

How does SendWallet's security work?

SendWallet uses a mnemonic keyring vault that is decrypted only when necessary. When it's not in use, the vault always remains encrypted.

How do I keep my wallet safe?

SendWallet suggests that you store your Recovery Phrase in a safe place. It will be the only method to recover funds if your device crashes or need to reset browser.
It is best to write down the Recovery Phrase on a piece of paper and/or save a file in a password encrypted USB drive.
Note: If your Recovery Phrase is lost, SendWallet will NOT be able to recover your wallet.
Never give your Recovery Phrase to anyone!
Unless you would like to give full control over your funds, you should NEVER provide your Recovery Phrase or your private key(s) to anyone or any site. SendWallet will never ask you for this information.

I lost my password. How do I restore my wallet?

Passwords are encrypted and not able to be retrieved. If you cannot remember your password, you must re-install the SendWallet extension, create a new password, and import your wallet using your Recovery Phrase.

Do I need to save a new Recovery Phrase for every account I make?

No. You can easily make sub-addresses with your single centralized account and still manage all of your $POKT.